Meet our intern Petros

May 24, 2017

Meet Petros. He recently joined McDermotts on a 12-month internship. He’ll be writing about his experiences and what he's been learning.

"Before starting my internship at McDermotts, I found myself at a fork in the path for my future. My options were to either pursue a career revolving around what I studied in university (Geology), or take over the family business, both of which I had little passion for. 

"Having had prior interest in the civil engineering sector, (albeit with no great experience of the various disciplines) I decided an internship would be a great choice for me to explore my options while developing my skills further. I was drawn to McDermotts because of its core value of integrity; a value which I firmly live by and is deeply ingrained in my work ethic.

"This internship is a great opportunity for me to gain a well-rounded understanding of the company. I’ll spend some time with each department, learning the processes and procedures that keep the company running smoothly

My first month

"My internship started in head office. After learning about some of the administrative tasks that keep the company going, I was given a Standard Operating Procedure booklet for the Finance department which gives a synopsis of what to expect, so that you are not going into the department blind. While with them I assisted the team with processing invoices and providing information for the finance controller.

"Since starting at McDermotts I have learnt a lot about organisation and how you need to be able to plan and prioritise tasks to ensure you work efficiently and communication is key. I'm going to be spending time with the SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) and Procurement teams next so look out for my next update."