Words of wisdom from the POD

Words of wisdom from the POD

We’re taking another look at ‘Living History – Don’t time fly when you’re having fun in Nechells!’, the book created by members of the Nechells POD.  It is a beautiful compilation of memories about growing up in the local area and took nearly two years to complete!

Food rations and Pig Bins

During the war, it was very difficult to get food.  You couldn’t just go to a supermarket and buy what you wanted, like you can today. Food and other goods were rationed.  Everyone was allocated a certain amount and had to take their ration card to the local shop so that the shopkeeper knew what you were allowed.  This carried on after the war had ended – children even had a ration for sweets.  Everyone was very careful not to waste food, and they recycled any leftover food by putting it into a ‘Pig Bin’, which was collected (like our rubbish is collected nowadays) and taken to farms to be fed to pigs and poultry.

The Pig Bin by Margaret Miah

“One evening my sister came to collect me from nursery.  It was just going dark, so I think it was in the autumn.  While we were walking home, she began to tell me about the new ‘Pig Bins’ that we had at home waiting for us.  As we walked up our entry, which led to our house at the back of the shops on Ryland Street, I felt scared.  I could see the new shiny bin at the side of our house, with the words PIG BIN written in red on the lid.  My sister, told me pigs lived in it and if I took the lid off the pigs would jump out and get me!  We walked over to the new bin.  She shouted “the pigs will eat you up!”.  I remember screaming and started to cry.”


Supporting the local community is at the heart of McDermotts and we are delighted to work with the Nechells POD – a community hub committed to working with and for the local community to enhance life chances for the residents of Nechells.

Tune in next week for more wisdom!