McDermotts leaves legacy of life-saving equipment for the community

A recent potential fatality was avoided through the quick response of McDermotts’ work colleagues and the availability of medical equipment.  Without warning, a construction worker collapsed to the ground, there was nothing around him that caused it, he had stopped breathing – he had a sudden out of hospital cardiac arrest!

Such cardiac arrests are one of the top causes of death in the UK.  Without timely intervention of CPR and defibrillation the chance of survival is less than 3%.  Incredibly, if action is taken within 5 minutes the survival rate increases to as much as 75%.

Fortunately, in this instance, there was a defibrillator nearby and the quick action of colleagues saved this person’s life.

At McDermotts we recognise that this story is being repeated up and down the country and, sadly, in most cases the outcome is not so fortunate. We have now partnered with the charity Heartbeat Trust UK to situate defibrillators at each of our construction sites and, as part of our legacy when we complete a project, if required, the defibrillator can be located within that local community.

Furthermore, within each defibrillator cabinet there will be a Trauma Bleed Kit designed to save lives, addressing potential traffic accidents, machine injuries, knife attacks, and even terrorism.

We have also arranged through Heartbeat Trust UK to carry out awareness training in this life-saving equipment for the benefit of our workers, clients, and the wider community.

This partnership reflects our corporate social responsibility in a way that actually saves lives whilst building success for the benefit of our clients and community.