Pines School Allotment Update

Pines School Allotment Update

Here are a few more photos of the progress made at the new Pines School allotment.

Since these photos were taken the Year 8 class have been down to plant strawberries.

Emma Pearce, Head Teacher at Pines School said: “I just want to extend my personal, sincere thanks to McDermotts for the amazing support that you have given us to get our allotment up and running.  Cleo and Tracey (parent govenors) have been amazing in getting the project designed and funded but it wouldn’t be there without you (Malcolm McDermott) and your team!

“I am as far from a gardener as you could ever imagine but I took a walk down to the allotment today and was completely mesmerised and quite frankly blown away by the magic that you and your team have worked on what was a pretty dismal site.  It will genuinely make the world of difference to our young people and give them an amazing experience. Some of our young people live in high rise flats with no access to outdoor spaces so for us to be able to give them this opportunity is just a magical experience!

“So once again on behalf of myself, the staff, the amazing pupils and their families, thank you for your support. I hope you and the team will be visiting the allotment over the coming months to see it all come together.”

We have really enjoyed working on this project and look forward to seeing what these young people grow.