Bringing technology to site

This summer we introduced machine control technology on some of our excavators. The system, provided by Topcon, allows a machine operator to accurately dig foundations, drainage ditches or anything else using 3D CAD drawings without any setting out or guidance from a banksman.

How it works

Positioning tools are integrated into the excavator and using GPS software, a base station set up on site receives accurate location data. Relevant 3D CAD drawings are uploaded into the system, which is linked to a control box in the cab. The control box allows the operator to know exactly where the bucket teeth are in relation to the line and level of the dig required.

Technology in use

Production Director, John Moriarty said: “We have been successfully using machine control technology on two of our sites and are looking to expand this further. There has been an increase in productivity as machine operators no longer have to wait for engineers to set out. This also means a reduced health and safety risk as engineers are not required to be on the ground near the machines.